Statement of the world public opinion

Statement of the world public opinion

A year and two months ago Kurdish parliamentarian Laila Koven stood in the Turkish parliament and said no to the crime of aggression against Afrin nor to the deprivation of rights of Mr. Abdullah Ojelan in the prison of Emrali and called for his immediate release by the will of the militant, the liberals, the protectors of democratic rights and free women.                                                                                        As a result, she was arrested and blew up her parliamentary immunity. On 18/10 /2018, Kurdish parliamentary resistance entered a new and sharp turn this turn was manifested by a hunger strike with no time and no return from it. It reached /110/ days, and in this solidarity with it, it hit more than/375/ detainees in more than /62/ prisons in Turkey, as hundreds of free people in different parts of the worlds to intervene against Kurdish parliamentary Laila Koven. In a new page from the history of those who rebelled against injustice and tyranny through ancient and modern history in the shadow of a suspicious international silence which is very regrettable and the many questions, the resistance of the Kurdish parliamentary Laila Koven is dedication to the human values enshrined in the UN charter and the universal declaration of human rights, the international covenants on civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights. the convention on the elimination of all forms of the discrimination against women the convention on political rights of women and international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and all that has been exposed and exposed to it by the Kurdish  parliamentary Laila Koven and all militants who are engaged daily  in the resistance, constitute an international crime beyond the limits of enumeration and characterization, which is in total a violation of the universal declaration of human rights particularly  articles / 2-3-7-8-12-19-21/ and the 1966 international convents on civil and political rights , in particular articles /14-17-19-25/ and the 1990 united nation manual containing  guidelines for the  protection of human rights.                                                         The resistance of the Kurdish parliamentary Laila Koven is real response  to the revolution of free women in Roj Ava which led to the historic struggle against terrorism and won it in the field with  distinction, for this, and in solidarity with resistance shown by freedom detainees in prison of Turkish states, we appeal to all international  human rights organization and women’s organization in the world to stand together and support the  Kurdish activities Laila Koven and her friends and help in achieving their demands for freedom  for  the politician Mr. Abdullah Ojelan and end the imposed deprivation .

Long live free humanity

                                                                                                                                                                                                              long live the resistance Laila Koven

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