A statement on a drone has targeted civilians in Kobani town and /6/ villages in the east.

Press release                                                  

To Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

regarding the barbaric Turkish bombing by drones and artillery that targeted civilians in Kobani and /6/villages east of Kobani on Saturday at twelve o’clock in the afternoon on 8/1/2022 that resulted  in the loss of a person’s life and the wounding of twelve civilians, men, women and children, with serious injuries, including the child Abdo Mustafa Hanifi, who was no more than four years old, who lost one of his legs as a result of the bombing.  The Turkish State continues without being held accountable for its violations and crimes against civilians under false pretexts that don’t exist.

 The sites that are being targeted are non-military, but civilian homes, neighborhoods and villages,the victims of the systematic Turkish targeting are civilians who are being targeted, causing material and human damage and creating a state of panic and fear in the targeted areas among civilians, the Turkish state blatantly and publicly bypasses international laws, norms and conventions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention and international conventions and laws on child protection. The silence of the international community regarding the violations and crimes committed by the Turkish state is considered an acceptance and affirmation of the Turkish bombardment of the areas of north and east Syria, its targeting of civilians, striking security and stability in the region, and its adoption of a policy of displacement, extermination and change.  The demographic against the Kurds and its support for terrorist groups we in the human rights organization in the Euphrates region strongly condemn and denounce the violations and crimes of the Turkish state and its targeting with artillery and drones on civilian areas.  The international community is pressuring and working in a more powerful, effective and influential way to stop the violations of the Turkish state. We also condemn the absence of the role of the Russian guarantor in front of the abuses.  The Turkish state and its failure to fulfill its duties and obligations to protect civilians and residential neighborhoods.

Human Rights Organization Al-Furat Region


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